BCx Boot Camp™

by Bonnie and Steve Pfiester

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BCx Program

Welcome to Bcx Boot Camp™, brought to you by Bonnie and Steve Pfiester! We designed this four-week, miltary-style program for boot camp newbies and veterans alike. The journey you’re about to take with us will be challenging—you will sweat, you will scream, and you’ll be so happy you did. If you promise to give us 100%, we promise to match your effort—and then some!

Each fast-paced workout combines a variety of training techniques that test your agility, balance, strength, and cardio capacity. Rest? There’s little time for that! Four weeks from today, you can expect
to look and feel transformed into a true athlete, inside and out. Just getting back in the game? It’s easy to modify BCx™ to your fitness level and goals. OK—enough talk. Let’s get to work!