Five Steps to Fitness Success
Preparation is (almost) everything when it comes to fitness. Here’s what you should do before you launch “operation new you.”
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High cholesterol can affect children as well as adults. But by remaining conscious of the problem and taking a few simple measures, you can make sure your child stays out of the danger zone.
Poor sleep is more than an annoyance - it can increase stress, degrade your memory and impair your health. But before you reach for an over-the-counter sleep aid, consider these natural ways to improve your sleep.
People are living longer, which means we must work to stay healthy later in life. By following these steps, you can stay in great shape into your 60s, 70s and beyond.
With planning, the right gear and a little bit of determination, outdoor winter exercise can be hugely enjoyable. Here’s some advice on getting outside, getting fit and having fun.
There are countless myths that keep us from getting fit. Here, the most common ones get busted once and for all.
How can you keep your diet under control? By becoming a "conscious" eater, recognizing the cues that prompt you to eat and knowing how to keep them in check.
Sticking with a diet or fitness plan takes courage, but where do you find it when you need it? Here’s some advice on reaching inside yourself to gain the courage you need.
It’s tough to start a fitness routine, and even harder to maintain it. But with these tips, you can stick to your plan until you achieve the results you desire and deserve.
It's possible to lose weight quickly, but you must do so carefully. Here's some great advice on how to achieve both.
Snacking can actually help you lose weight if you do it wisely. Here are five smart-snack ideas.
If you've gained weight again, don't lose faith. This time, you can take it off and keep it off. Here are some tactics that will make you a weight-loss winner permanently.
When is the best time to exercise? The time you’ll consistently do it! Here are some suggestions to help you find the best time for you.

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