Think Your Way Fit

by Carla Birnberg

Think Your Way Fit

Most children enjoy living in a world of make believe. They don the trappings of cowboys and cops and firefighters and believe themselves to be those characters, at least for an hour or two.

Adults, on the other hand, are force-fed reality. Fantasy? Whose got the time?

Except when it comes to fitness.

Goal-setting is, in part, a mind game — a “fake it ‘til you make it” stratagem. To a certain extent, you must fool yourself into believing you are indeed the fit, healthy bombshell you wish to be, in order to reach that destination. But it’s a step beyond visualization. Not only do you imagine that you’re fitter, you also adopt the thoughts and behaviors of a leaner you, earning you a mental edge on, well, yourself.

You’re probably thinking: How do I pretend to be fit, exactly? It’s easy..ish.

Create a narrative. Expand your laser vision on the physical aspects of your dream body, and consider the other factors that round out your life. What do you eat for breakfast? How would you dress? What would you order for lunch at a restaurant? How confident would you feel walking down the street? Make the conscious choice today to carry yourself as that person.

Tell a friend. When you share your role-playing strategy with supportive people, you’ll actually begin to see the healthy life you aspire toward take shape. Why? Because, like it or not, other people often affirm the way you see yourself. Let them take part in your “act as if” production.

Respond as your future self. Temptation abounds. Decadent desserts, a chockablock schedule — the fit, lean you will still have to contend with “regular you” challenges. Successful people respond to those difficulties as their better selves would.

Would the toned, muscular you skip a workout for more couch time? Would marathon-runner-you choose a super-sized brownie over nuts and fruit? Through shifting your thought process — and, as a result, your lifestyle — your body will invariably follow your brain. Reality? Check!