Quirky Ways to Fight Workout Burnout

by Andrea Metcalf

Quirky Ways to Fight Workout Burnout

Are you fed up with your fitness program? It happens, but that doesn’t mean you should chuck your goals. Trick out your tired routine with these four non-traditional twists.

Go G.N.O.

Girls’ night out (G.N.O.) is your time to cut loose; treat it like an active engagement. Invite your “wild-card” friends, who you know will make you and your crew bust up laughing (that’s core work!). Make sure you’ve got an energetic extrovert in tow that won’t let you leave the dance floor until the DJ makes last call. Just don’t blow your booty-shaking calorie-burn on multiple mojitos.

Get (nearly) naked

Remember the scene in “Risky Business,” when Tom Cruise dances in his tighty-whities? Make that your workout at least once a week. Strip, blast the music, and let your body move freely, as if no one is watching. Not risky enough? Leave the curtains open!

Turn the lights out

Have you ever done Pilates or yoga in the dark? Try it! Pop in your DVD, roll out your mat, and really focus on the postures and movements, rather than the chipped ceiling paint, or the way your butt looks upside down. Taking away one of your senses can heighten your body awareness, which may enhance your workout.

Glam it up

The “I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it” buzz should not be reserved for little black dresses and strappy heels. Apply your stylish acumen to your workout prep. Rock a side-swept ponytail, lip gloss, blush, and color-coordinated get-up. You’ll probably sweat off your look in 15 minutes, but the confidence you feel from playing dress-up should last way longer. You might even be inspired to go that extra mile, literally, just because you look so good doing it.

Andrea Metcalf has been teaching fitness and nutrition and training clients since 1983. She is the author of the book Naked Fitness and has produced a number of fitness DVDs. You can follow her on Twitter at @Andreametcalf.