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How to Stay Fit on the Road

by Chee Gates

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Flight delays - few food choices—iffy hotel gyms—the perils of traveling go on and on. As a result, your waistline can become an expanding casualty. Still, there’s hope. With a little forethought and planning it is possible to stay fit on the road. Follow these four simple steps, and return home a size happier than when you left.

Avoid the “vacation” mindset

People often give themselves permission to eat carelessly and wave off exercise while they’re away, as if those poor choices don’t count. Truth is, what happens in Vegas will follow you home—that includes weight gain and guilt. Make it your goal to stay disciplined and stick closely to your normal routine, while you travel. Practice builds confidence. And confidence is everything.

Prescreen your surroundings

Thanks to Google maps, you can street-view just about any location in the world before you ever step foot there. Make sure to thoroughly scope out the area where you’re headed. Locate walking, biking, or hiking trails. Check the weather, so you don’t get stuck cycling in a downpour. Preview the local restaurant menus, and choose the ones you will (and won’t) visit. Doing your homework eliminates guesswork.

Say nay to novelties

Your senses are already overloaded with unfamiliar sounds, smells, and sights. It’s not the time to introduce anything new into your diet or fitness routine. If you haven’t eaten beef in five years, don’t order the T-bone special, even if the locals swear by it. Maybe you’ve always wanted to use a squat rack, and your hotel gym has one. Our advice: Back away. It might sound overly prudent, but your curiosity should take a backseat to your safety and comfort. Save risk-taking for when you return home.

Make exercise your ally

Need a remedy for homesickness (that doesn’t involve a bartender)? Try push-ups. Business meeting went awry? Plank your worries away. Endorphins and serotonin, two of the body’s natural mood boosting chemicals released during exercise, often go underused. But we’re about to change that. Our series of six travel workouts can be done right in your hotel room with minimal space and little to no gear. There’s a routine to remedy each of your travel-related symptoms.

If you feel…
sluggish after a poor night’s sleep
Try: Travel Workout: Cardio
It’s a 15-minute, active wake-up call!

If you feel…
guilty from overeating junk food
Try: Travel Workout: Lower Body
Doing moves that tap large muscle groups helps burn calories quickly.

If you feel…
stiffness in your back after sitting forever
Try: Travel Workout: Core
Strengthen your abs and lower back, and sit pretty on the way home.

If you feel…
revved up with energy to burn
Try: Travel Workout: Upper Body
Prove that planks and push-ups are no match for you.

If you feel…
Try: The Jetlag Workout
Loosen your muscles, and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

If you feel…
low-key but still want to work out
Try: Travel Workout: Bands
There’s no jumping involved, and it’s still effective.

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