The Maintain-Your-Weight Campaign
It’s the season for comfort food, and too much comfort food can make you gain weight. In spite of the odds, it’s possible to keep the scale from ticking upwards. Follow our three-step plan to stay ahead of the eight ball when the New Year’s ball drops.
Living Healthy Articles

Can You Be Fit And Overweight?

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Many of us assume slim people must be healthier than those who carry extra weight. The truth is that size is not the sole indicator of how fit or healthy someone truly is. Here are the facts.

You Cheated, Now What?

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Eating calorie-conscious, portion-controlled meals all the time is really hard, which is why many people flub their food plans. Here are some tips to help you speed up the forgiveness process and get back on track.

Shaping the New You

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Half the battle of getting fit happens in your head. Use these thoughtful tips to set your mind in remodeling mode.
Motivation is defined as the ability to push yourself toward your goals. It’s a head game. The secret is to learn how to ride the ups and downs. Use these tricks to stay on track.

20 Fitness Tips from Men for Women

by Ayren Jackson-Cannady
What makes men so successful with their fitness goals? We asked 20 guys to share their words of workout wisdom. Ladies, take notes.

Are You Stuck In A Workout Rut?

by FitStudio Editors
We've all been there--bleh, bored, uninspired about exercise. There's a rainbow at the end of tunnel. Let us help you see the light!
Finally, a quintessential comfort food that won’t ruin your diet.
Italian, stallion flavors make this cheesy dish a knockout.
This exotic take on couscous goes against the grain.
Fishing for dinner tonight? We’ve got your fresh catch!

Love You Some YOU

by Andrea Metcalf
That's right--give yourself a kiss. Because there are so many reasons why you should be into you. Learn how to establish a warm rapport with your reflection.
National Health Through Fitness Day will bring together a veritable “who’s who” in the fitness industry, including celebrity athletes, brand manufacturers, fitness experts and more, to promote physical activity legislation. Here’s what it’s all about.

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