Five Steps to Fitness Success
Preparation is (almost) everything when it comes to fitness. Here’s what you should do before you launch “operation new you.”
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Are You Fit For Life?

by Alfonso Moretti
Potholes, stray dogs, toddlers gone wild—you face a number of obstacles that may test your agility, balance (and temper!). We’ll show you how to train to be ready for anything.

Can You Be Fit And Overweight?

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Many of us assume slim people must be healthier than those who carry extra weight. The truth is that size is not the sole indicator of how fit or healthy someone truly is. Here are the facts.

You Cheated, Now What?

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Eating calorie-conscious, portion-controlled meals all the time is really hard, which is why many people flub their food plans. Here are some tips to help you speed up the forgiveness process and get back on track.

Five Fitness Myths Busted!

by Andrea Metcalf
Rules are made to be broken, especially if they lend credibility to myths that are flat out false. Here are five widely held beliefs that may do you more harm than good.

Five Steps to Fitness Success

by Andrea Metcalf
Preparation is (almost) everything when it comes to fitness. Here’s what you should do before you launch “operation new you.”

Shaping the New You

by Alfonso Moretti, Jr.
Half the battle of getting fit happens in your head. Use these thoughtful tips to set your mind in remodeling mode.

Are You Stuck In A Workout Rut?

by FitStudio Editors
We've all been there--bleh, bored, uninspired about exercise. There's a rainbow at the end of tunnel. Let us help you see the light!
Finally, a quintessential comfort food that won’t ruin your diet.
One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is that one mat fits all. Here, we help you pair the proper mat with the right moves.
Italian, stallion flavors make this cheesy dish a knockout.
Green beans and radishes never had it so good.
Life’s a peach, especially with this frozen treat.

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