Find Your Fit Balance

by Andrea Metcalf

Find Your Fit Balance

Does the thought of meditating make you fidgety? Thought so! That’s why we figured out how you can work up a sweat and feel the “Om” calm at once. Use these mental moves to reflect and project a fitter, calmer you.

Before Your Workout

Think. Free your mind. Turn off your chirping BlackBerry, take six deep breaths, and let your tensions float away.

Speak. “I deserve this praise of my body!” And you do—exercising celebrates you in an active way.

Imagine. A sweaty, invigorating session. Envision that you’ve completed your routine and feel energized and confident afterward.

During Your Workout

Think. “My time is now.” Hone in on the precise form of the movement or exercise you’re performing at that moment.

Count. One through eight—it’ll help keep your mind and attention from drifting away from the task at hand. Wearing headphones or earbuds may also help you stay in the zone.

Breathe. On the inhale, draw in your breath deeply through your nose, expand your diaphragm, and keep your shoulders relaxed. Exhale through your mouth, as you pull your belly inward.

After Your Workout

Think. “I did it!” You’ve generated positive, healthy energy into your day. Keep it going!

Speak. Even better, announce your congratulations loud and proud. “Go, me! I rock!”

Release. Lie down with your back on a mat, arms at your side, eyes closed. Focus on melting every inch of your body into the floor. Just. Let. Go.

Andrea Metcalf has been teaching fitness and nutrition and training clients since 1983. She is the author of the book Naked Fitness and has produced a number of fitness DVDs. You can follow her on Twitter at @Andreametcalf.